Brenham Meteorites
The Brenham Pallasite was first discovered in 1882 on a farm in Kiowa County, Kanss.  Over 1400 kg has been
recovered to date making it one of the most plentiful of
the pallasite meteorites.  The largest single mass of the
Brenham pallasite was uncovered by H.O. Stockwell of Hutchinson, Kansas.  It tipped the scales at 1000 lbs and is currently housed at the Greensburg Big Well museum in Greensburg, Kansas.
This sliced and polished  3000 gram slice was acquired from the Bob Haag collection in March 2005
This uncut specimen weighs approx 100 grams.  Upon close examination one can see olivine crystal protruding from the characteristic dark brown to black fusion crust
Brenham Pallasite  with polished
window.   100 grams . Acquired from Mark Bostick Collection.
Brenham Pallasite 4.7 grams
Brenham Pallasite 6.0 grams